Age Grouper World Champions St. George: finish times and splits

7:49:16 and 8:34:59. That were the finish times of the fastest man – Kristian Blummenfelt – and woman – Daniela Ryf – at the Ironman World Championship in St. George. But how did the fastest Age Groupers do? Let’s have a look at the results of the Age-Group Ironman World Champions: how fast did they swim bike and run? You find a full overview below.

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OverallMatt Kerr (NZL)8:40:2252:224:43:032:57:57
M18-24Jameson Plewes (CAN)9:24:1854:575:09:173:12:48
M25-29Justin Riele (USA)9:08:3552:174:44:533:24:24
M30-34Matt Kerr (NZL)8:40:2252:224:43:032:57:57
M35-39Eric Engel (USA)8:49:1155:374:46:403:01:49
M40-44Christian Storzer (GER)8:40:4557:234:37:293:00:34
M45-49Brice Williams (USA)9:17:5754:505:02:143:13:55
M50-54Olaf Kasten (GER)9:36:4859:255:09:243:20:46
M55-59Kevin Cutjar (AUS)10:23:111:07:515:39:443:27:48
M60-64Steven Galat (USA)10:36:161:05:185:44:053:35:22
M65-69Martin Gannon (GBR)11:09:421:15:305:38:424:06:59
M70-74Rick Simpson (USA)13:37:001:10:386:38:095:35:24
M75-79Simon Butterworth (USA)15:58:181:31:437:24:396:31:13

OverallMarlene de Boer (NLD)9:43:2958:135:24:393:14:50
F18-24Julia Iglesias (BRA)10:46:451:02:175:47:013:50:49
F25-29Kyra Meulenberg (NLD)10:39:511:17:335:46:503:25:40
F30-34Marlene de Boer (NLD)9:43:2958:135:24:393:14:50
F35-39Venessa Murray (NZL)10:07:0156:065:34:363:27:29
F40-44Satu Suuronen (FIN)10:30:531:10:155:43:103:30:56
F45-49Constance Mochar (AUS)10:39:3910:09:035:47:193:33:18
F50-54Beni Gras-Thompson (USA)10:38:061:10:595:39:553:39:28
F55-59Julie Dunke (USA)11:46:2657:156:01:594:37:46
F60-64Lynne Fiedler (USA)12:36:031:22:336:49:034:13:47
F65-69Irene Gambaro (SWI)14:44:201:27:227:42:135:16:14
F70-74Diane Tracy (USA)16:33:011:38:078:06:156:28:06