Drama Ironman World Championships St. George: Gustav Iden and Alistair Brownlee cancel their races the night before

Gustav Iden is not racing the World Championships in St. George (Picture: Instagram Iden)

While in recent weeks more and more top athletes have announced that they will not be racing at the Ironman World Championships in St. George, the drama just got worse: two of the biggest favorites, Gustav Iden and Alistair Brownlee, are sick and have just announced that they will not be racing.

It was already revealed last week that the Norwegians were struggling with colds and illnesses, but it seemed that Blummenfelt and Iden had recovered in time. Blummenfelt – on paper the biggest favorite – is still on the starting list for now, but Iden is no longer. Iden has a respiratory infection and is unable to race.

Brownlee – as he just announced – has also been feeling sick for several days, but has decided last minute that the symptoms are too severe to race. “Absolutely gutted to say I’ve decided not start tomorrow.”