Gustav Iden: ‘Had a medical check and everything looks normal’

Gustav Iden at the x-bionic sphere in Samorin, Slowakia, ready to race The Championship. (Picture: Instagram Gustav Iden / mikaliden)

The day before yesterday Challenge Family announced that Gustav Iden will race this Sunday’s Challenge Family The Championship in Samorin and now Gustav Iden says he is more than ready to race: “Race week! I decided the day after IM WC St George that I wanted something in the near future to focus on to get my head back in a better place. Traveled home straight away and I’ve done my absolute best to get healthy and back into some training. Had a medical check on Friday, and everything looks normal. So I’m super excited to say I’m doing the Challenge Family The Championship this weekend!

You can follow Challenge Family The Championship via Challenge Family The Championship will take place May 22 with a free-to-air broadcast brought to you by Challenge Family and Triathlon Today. Coverage starts at 8:45am local time with the male pro start at 9:00am and female pro start at 9:10am.