Milestone: Strava reached 100 million users

Strava has announced that more than 100 million athletes have joined the platform. The company reports that… ‘the number of Strava athletes has grown tremendously, doubling in size in just the last two years.’ Since Strava’s founding in 2009, athletes on the platform have shared more than 7 billion activities, 2.5 billion of which were recorded in the last 18 months.

‘The growing community on the platform has covered over 50% of the world’s edges and has documented and told the story of their athletic efforts with over 89.5 million photo uploads. Among 100 million global athletes, a strong community of professionals continues to thrive on Strava. Over 2,500 professional athletes use Strava’s powerful tools to upload every effort, from training to medal-winning performances.’

“In the last two years, we’ve seen a tremendous shift in the importance of movement and sport in people’s lives,” said Michael Horvath, CEO and co-founder of Strava. “Strava has become the record of over 100 million athletes’ active lives, and we’re excited to continue this journey by investing deeply in our team and in developing best-in-class tools to connect athletes to what motivates them and helps them find their personal best.”