Challenge Gran Canaria winner Mika Noodt: I’ll be sidelined for a while”

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“Would love to say it’s race week, but instead I’ve got some pretty bad news. Long story short: Picked up an injury in my pelvis, so I’ll be sidelined for a while.” Only recently, Mika Noodt put his name out there as the winner of Challenge Gran Canaria, but now – one month later – an injury gets in his way.

“I’ve had some light pain in my perineum area for the last couple of days, and rather wanted to get this thing checked up as quick as possible. So I went to an MRI and that showed some inflammation in my hip area, especially in my edema, the front of my pelvis. It’s obviously a big bummer, but I just wanted to be transparent and tell you a bit more about this. We’re trying to address the three main topics: what caused it, how can I deal with it mentally and, of course, what will the rehab process look like… so when will I be back?”

“Right now, we think it’s a multifactorial cause, probably there’s more than one thing that caused a little bit too much stress in this area”, Noodt explains. “All these things added up and resulted in this injury. We will definitely look further into that to hopefully learn from it for the future. The mental aspect, honestly, wasn’t very easy in the last couple of days. But I’ve talked to friends and my team… Right now, I’m trying to let loose and to not put pressure on myself, because that would make it even worse. Instead, I try to think positive and accept that this is part of the game when you try to push yourself to the limit.”

“I’ve talked to different experts. As you probably know, if you talk to five experts, you get five different opinions”, Noodt says about the rehab process. “Right now, I’m pain free in my every day life. I have to be cautious not to run down the stairs, because I can’t feel anything at the moment, but I still know there is something wrong. I can swim pain free, unless I do heavy kicking or sprinting. I could ride my bike pain free, and I could probably even run pain free for 15-20 minutes, but I didn’t test that, obviously. I’ll introduce some light swimming in the next few days, and I’ll restart some light cycling in two weeks. For the running part: I’ll probably be sidelined for six weeks.”


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