Pho3nix Sub7 Sub8 commentary team announced

(Photo: Pho3nix Sub7 SUb8 Project)

A little over two weeks and then we will see Kristian Blummenfelt, Alistair Brownlee, Nicola Spirig and Kat Matthews try to make the impossible possible, by finishing a Long Distance in less than seven (men) or eight (women) hours. This legendary Sub7 and Sub7 attempt, taking place on Jun. 5-6 depending on the weather, will be broadcasted live to triathlon fans around the world. Earlier this week, the commentary team – containing seven people – behind this livestream was announced.

One of the people that will try to fill up an eight-hour-long livestream, is Australia’s Will McCloy. McCloy will have a familiar voice to most triathlon fans, as he is “the voice” behind Super League Triathlon. With SLT races rarely taking longer than 90 minutes, this Long Distance “thing” will be new to him.

Thanks to the commentary by America’s Craig Hummer, nobody will miss a detail of the unfolding of both races. Hummer has been nominated for an Emmy Award for his work in the sports world, and he covered – among others – the Tour de France and Olympic Games.

As a two-time Ironman World Champion and the brain behind Super League Triathlon, Chris McCormack breathes triathlon. Additionally, he played a role in the Pho3Nix Sub7 Sub8 Project.

Pro triathlete Vicky Holland debuted as a commentator during last year’s Collins Cup. She also commented on the PTO Pro Am Los Angeles earlier this month.

From the world of cycling, Robbie McEwen – three time green jersey winner in the Tour de France – will provide us with interesting insights during the bike part.

Finally, technical entrepreneur Dan Eisenhardt and statistics fanatic Graeme Acheson will join their next triathlon livestream to share their interesting observations. Earlier this year, they already did that during the Arena Games too.