Eva Daniels celebrates victory at Europe Triathlon Cup Rzeszow

(Photo: Instagram Eva Daniels)

In 1:01:21 hour, Luxembourg’s Eva Daniels just moved her way to the victory at Europe Triathlon Cup Rzeszow, Poland. Daniels shared the podium with Swiss’ Cathia Schar (+0:03) and Germany’s Selina Klamt (+0:06), who took second and third respectively.

Swimming 9:43 minutes, Daniels came third out of the water, four seconds behind Hungary’s Marta Kropko, who noted the fastest swim time. Thanks to a strong swim, Daniels ended up in a small lead group – with a handful of athletes – during the bike part.

Meanwhile, Schar made a strong comeback after a bit of a disappointing swim. Swimming 10:48 minutes, Schar – who ended up taking silver – was far back after that first discipline. She moved up during the bike and run part, though.

It was during the final 5K run that Daniels was really off. She noted the fastest run with a beautiful time of 17:06 minutes. Schar ended up running 17:15 minutes over the 5000 meters, which saw her move up to second place. Klamt, who settled in third, ran 17:10 minutes.