Strava enables video upload for all users

(Photo: Strava)

It was already possible to share some supportive photos of your workouts, but since yesterday, Strava will provide an update that allows athletes to upload videos too. The feature won’t be available to everyone straight away, as Strava makes use of a “phased roll-out”, but in the upcoming weeks it should become available to all users.

The videos can be up to 30 seconds long, and can be attached to an activity upload. There will be no limit to how many videos you can include in one workout post.

“On Strava, photos have been a way to amplify your activities and give the community a glimpse into your efforts. But sometimes you need a little more action to bring your movement to life. That’s why we’re rolling out a new video feature for all athletes over the next few weeks. Yep, we heard your requests”, Strava stated in a press release. “Get out there on the roads, trails, ocean or mountains and give a behind the scenes look into your activities, wherever they take you.’