Challenge Roth 2023 sold out within 90 seconds

Felix Walchshoefer thanks all the registered athletes. (Picture: Triathlon Today)

It is probably the wish of every race organizer worldwide, but at Challenge Roth it is also the reality; the world-famous race is sold out within minutes every year. This morning the registration opened at 10:00: within 90 seconds thousands of athletes signed up and the registration was already closed. 

“You are totally crazy!!! 1:30 until sell out. Thanks for your trust in Challenge Roth. I already promised you, that we will do everything possible to exceed your expectations. Thanks for believing and trusting in us”, said by Race Director Felix Walchshoefer. You can see a personal message from the Challenge Roth team here.

Challenge Roth will take place at June 25, 2023. A select number of starting tickets will be available on a later moment: these will be sold on December 6, at the traditional ‘Pre Christmas Action’. At that time, registration will open again, but briefly.