Sergio Baxter Cabrera runs to impressive win World Triathlon Cup Pontevedra

He was clearly on fire during the run part, but waited for the final kilometers to really take off: Spain’s Sergio Baxter Cabrera just won World Triathlon Cup Pontevedra. Second place went to another Spanish athlete: Antonio Serrat Seoane (+0:09), while Swiss Max Studer completed the podium (+0:14).

There were no big gaps in the water. On the contrary: everything was on one long line. However, the last few athletes got unlucky, as they weren’t able to get to the lead group that took shape on the bike. That group contained over 40 athletes. Baxter Cabrera found himself in 49th place at this point (+0:40).

About halfway through the bike part, a few athletes tried to break away: Australia’s Lorcan Redmond, Spain’s Antonio Serrat Seoane, Slovakia’s Richard Varga and Czech’s Jan Volar tried to push the pace and make their chasers suffer, but it didn’t take long before the group took them back in. One of the race favorites, Morocco’s Jawad Abdelmoula was forced to withdraw from the race due to a bike crash. Except for a few athletes suffering injuries or technical issues, more than 40 athletes racked their bikes simultaneously back into T2.

It didn’t take long before Baxter Cabrera, Serrat Seoane and Studer ran to the lead during the run part. For most of the run, they ran side by side, until Baxter Cabrera decided to take off just before the finish. There was no stopping him anymore. Baxter Cabrera ran to a big win, Serrat Seoane settled for second and Studer took the final podium spot.