Flora Duffy: ‘The crowd was going nuts’

Flora Duffy wins the Commonwealth Games. (Picture: Triathlon Today)

The Commonwealth Games Triathlon – both the men’s race, women’s race and Mixed Team Relay – was characterized by an incredibly large crowd along the course. For athletes, that of course makes it extra cool to race. Winner Flora Duffy was therefore very ecstatic after her win.

“Very proud to repeat as Commonwealth Champion. I knew it would be a tough ask given how strong the field was. Really fun – and hard! – to go off the front with Georgia Taylor-Brown on the bike. The crowd was going nuts and it was so cool to experience that. There were moments that I had goosebumps.”

Alex Yee, who won the men’s race and also won the Mixed Team Relay with England, remarked the same. “Thank you to the crowds that lined the park and the streets.. you were electric”