Katie Zaferes on pregnancy transformation: “Do not lose sight of what you’re capable of”

(Photo: Instagram Katie Zaferes)

An honest reminder from Katie Zaferes, who gave birth to a son, Kimble, last month. With various WTCS, World Cup and World Championship wins to her name, Zaferes is one of the best Short-Distance triathletes of her time. While Zaferes for now focuses on nursing her son, she’s slowly picking up her training again. On Instagram, she explains how her body and mindset have changed throughout the pregnancy.

“At points through pregnancy and postpartum it’s felt like what my body could do compared to at full fitness was so far off and sometimes that felt disappointing, and sometimes I felt self-conscious. When Tommy took the second photo, he told me I wasn’t going to like it. He probably would have been right a year ago”, Zaferes says about the photo below.

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“However”, she continues. “This process is helping me appreciate my body in all of its different phases. This body has helped me achieve many things I’m proud of through training and racing. It’s also helped me rest and recover as I prepare for each season. Now it continues to add to it’s resume by housing a human, evicting him, and continuing to fuel and comfort him while also getting stronger and learning a new but equally awesome normal. Just a reminder to not lose sight of all that you’re capable of, while you work towards the best version of yourself.”