Lydia Dant runs to strong win bike-run Ironman 70.3 Vichy

(Archive photo: Ingo Kutsche)

She didn’t play a lead role in most of the race, but in the final part of the run, she made it clear that there was no stopping Lydia Dant today. The British athlete claimed the Victory at Ironman 70.3 Vichy. The race was turned into a bike-run format due to the bad water quality due to heavy rain fall. Dant shared the podium with fellow British Lucy Byram and France’s Charlene Clavel.

During the bike part, Dant rode in third position, while in the front of the field Byram and Clavel battled each other. Byram was first to rack her bike, followed by Clavel within twelve seconds, while Dant started the run 1:30 minute behind the leading lady.

Although Dant was a bit further back during the bike part, she quickly ran to the front. After 10 km, Dant passed Clavel, after which she continued the hunt for Byram. With four km to go until the finish line, it was done for Byram too. Dant took over and grabbed the gold. Byram finished 21 seconds later to take second palace and Clavel rounded the podium (+3:13).