Poll results: there are too many organizations and federations within triathlon

Ironman, Challenge Family, World Triathlon, the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO), Xterra… and that’s just a few of the many organizations and federations out there. While Ironman, Challenge Family and Xterra focus on organizing events, World Triathlon and the PTO also serve as a federation. Some people wonder if it’s becoming too much, and therefor confusing?

Every organization and each distance or sub-category within the triathlon or duathlon sport – or multisport overall – has their own regional and World Championship. Some athletes feel like these championships lose their value, since there are so many. We wondered how you feel about the wide range of organizations to choose from. “Are there too many triathlon organizations?”, we asked you.

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Clearly, most triathletes don’t think it’s a problem. We asked you to support your opinion in a comment section.

‘Run.shadow.run’ responded: “More is better, because that makes better prices.” Steven Haverbeke has a different perspective: “One organization will bring all top athletes together; that means stronger races.”

Marc Davies mentions that “choice and competition is good for the customers”. Just like Jane Lawinsky: “Some competition improves the quality of the events.”

“Sometimes it makes it difficult to know where and when you can race”, Dave Brick says, who would prefer there to be a smaller selection of organizations. Tim Deberts doesn’t agree: “In the end, it’s good for the sport if there is a lot to choose from.”