Saturday’s Collins Cup: we have all the battles and interesting quotes

With Saturday’s Collins Cup coming up – a 2km swim, 80km bike and 18km run race – today all the duels were presented during the Collins Cup Opening Ceremony. We have all the races for you, including interesting quotes of most of the athletes racing!

Race 1

Team USA: Sarah True – ‘If you want to race the best, you need to race the best’

Team Europe: Daniela Ryf – ‘The motivation is huge and I want to make my team proud’

Team International: Flora Duffy – ‘I’m kind of being a newbie into this’

Race 2

Team USA: Chelsea Sodaro 

Team Europe: Laura Philipp 

Team International: Ashleigh Gentle

Race 3

Team USA: Skye Moench

Team Europe: Kat Matthews

Team International: Paula Findlay

Race 4

Team USA: Sophie Watts – ‘I’m super excited, ITU people up here. I’ll coming from the back during the run’

Team Europe: Nicola Spirig – ‘Very exciting to start here one of my last international races’

Team International: Vittoria Lopes – ‘My team is doing well and we are ready for this. We will be super fast’

Race 5

Team USA: Jocelyn McCauley – ‘Hopefully they battle during the swim again and I can secretly wrap between them’

Team Europe: Holly Lawrence – ‘Hopefully bringing a point home for the team’

Team International: Ellie Salthouse – ‘This match was no surprise; we’ve been concurrents for a long time’

Race 6

Team USA: Jackie Hering

Team Europe: Anne Haug

Team International: Tamara Jewett

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Race 7

Team USA: Ben Kanute – ‘I’ll always show up to win, so that’s the plan.  There is no weaknesses in this heat’

Team Europe: Kristian Blummenfelt – ‘It’s not going to be an easy run’

Team International: Hayden Wilde – ‘I’ve missed these boys, so looking forward to Saturday’

Race 8

Team USA: Sam Long – ‘Last year’s race was one of the biggest disappointments ever so I’m here for a comeback’

Team Europe: Sam Laidlow – ‘Lucky to be paired with two old athletes’

Team International: Lionel Sanders – ‘Team International is great, we truly have a shot on this’

Race 9

Team USA: Rudy von Berg 

Team Europe: Magnus Ditlev

Team International: Max Neumann

Race 10

Team USA: Jason West – ‘This is the matchup I wanted’

Team Europe: Patrick Lange – ‘We are ready to take the challenge this year once again. The work is done, I’m ready to race’

Team International: Aaron Royle – ‘Excited to be here amongst the best male and female athletes’

Race 11

Team USA: Matt Hanson 

Team Europe: Gustav Iden

Team International: Jackson Laundry

Race 12

Team USA: Chris Leiferman

Team Europe: Daniel Baekkegard

Team International: Braden Currie