Hilarious: Joe Skipper, Cameron Wurf and Sebastian Kienle talk some trash

(Photo: Instagram Joe Skipper)

While out training in Font Romeu, France, Joe Skipper decided to take a detour when cycling to enjoy some good coffee in Andorra, home to Cameron Wurf. While Skipper says he’s had “the best four weeks of training ever”, Wurf hits with some trash talk.

“The Police told me that you were riding so slowly through Andorra that they gave you a parking ticket”, Wurf comments on Skipper. Skipper hits back, though: “The police also told me that you were banned from the athletics track as it was only for runners, not race walkers!”

Now that comments have been made about their running and cycling performances, Sebastian Kienle saw his chance to comment on their swimming performance, which isn’t their best discipline, nor is it Kienle’s. “You won’t believe what the lifeguards told me about you guys…”, Kienle comments.