Mexican triathlete DSQ-ed after bizarre violation Triathlon Gerardmer

(Photo: Facebook BPC Triathlon Coaching RR)

It would have been about time he would clear his name, but David Mendoza did the opposite at Saturday’s XL triathlon Gerardmer: after a doping suspension of three years, Mendoza decided to make his comeback by taking a very obvious and not too useful shortcut. The athlete finished in the top ten, but was later disqualified.

Mendoza didn’t feel like sticking to the course after racking his bike in T2 and decided to hop over the fence. Fortunately for his competitors, Mendoza was caught red handed (see photo below).

In 2018, after the World Triathlon Championship Series in Bermuda, Mendoza was suspended for the use of GM501516, which he initially claimed to have taken through a contaminated vitamin B supplement. Mendoza eventually admitted that he made use of the product, which saw his suspension time being reduced with six months. So far Mendoza hasn’t been able to shed a positive light on him, on the contrary, the photo below is going viral.