Sam Long and Fenella Langridge still lead Challenge Family World Bonus

(Photo: Sam Long Instagram)

It is still Sam Long and Fenella Langridge who lead the Challenge Family World Bonus and thus appear to be on course to earn $25,000. With only four races to go, they have the best papers for the win and thus cash bonus.

For a year, rankings at Challenge Family races will be examined and a list of the very best athletes will be compiled. Those athletes collectively split $125,000: the Challenge Family World Bonus. Sam Long currently leads the World Bonus with 875 points, while Niek Heldoorn follows in second with 700 points. Following that are Magnus Ditlev with 600 points and Reinaldo Colucci, Patrick Lange and Kieran Lindars all with 500 points. The winner will ultimately win $25,000, while numbers two through five will receive $16,500, $12,000, $6,000 and $3,000, respectively.

On the women’s rankings, the Challenge Family World Bonus is currently led by Fenella Langridge (900), Sara Perez Sala (650), Lucy Buckingham (600), Anne Haug (600) and Emma Pallant-Browne (550).

The final races still counting toward the World Bonus are Challenge San-Remo, Challenge Mallorca, Challenge Florianopolis and Clash Daytona. Full rankings can be seen here.