Join tonight’s free Rouvy right: explore Challenge Sanremo virtually

Challenge Family and Rouvy collaborate for virtual triathlon festival. (Photo: Rouvy, Challenge Sanremo)

Are you racing Challenge Sanremo on Sep. 23 or are you just interested in the event, and would you like to check out the bike course? Tonight – Sep. 15, 6 PM CEST – you can join the free virtual ride in Rouvy to explore the bike part that takes you past the beautiful Italian riviera. In a virtual, yet realistic world, you get a feeling of the race, and you can prepare – if you need to – for what a tough section of the course feels like.

Athletes will get to ride 25 km of the 90K bike course, which is the segment of Taggia that contains along 17-km climb up to the Ghimbegna pass (at 1030 meters above sea level).

Sanremo is a beautiful coastal city in the northwest of Italy, “surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, spectacular views of beaches, turquoise waters and ancient villages steeped in Italian culture”.

“Power the flats and push on the climbing sections. The first climb to Terzorio, Pompeiana and Castellaro will be your warm-up before the Ghimbegna pass of 17 km, followed by a beautiful, winding and famous descent used in the Milan-Sanremo.”

You can sign up – for free – through this link. All you need is a smart bike trainer and a screen.