Ironman desperately in need for volunteers Kona: thousands of helpers too few

Ironman Hawaii

This year’s World Championships on Kona will take place over two days – next Thursday and next Saturday – with more athletes than ever at the start line. Unfortunately, that second day of racing is causing some problems for Ironman, as the organization announces that it is about four thousand volunteers short who are desperately needed to support the approximately five thousand participants. 

Ironman previously announced that there will be fewer aid stations along the course due to a lack of volunteers. The problem now appears to be even bigger, because of the approximately ten thousand volunteers the organization says it needs, “only” six thousand places are covered. So, some 4,000 volunteers are still missing. 

A ray of hope; in recent days, some 150 volunteers have been signing up every day at the last minute. However, simple arithmetic shows that, with three days to go until the first day of racing, it will be a difficult task to fill those four thousand vacant places.