Captured in images: Ötillö SwimRun Malta

Captured in images: Ötillö SwimRun Malta. (Photo: Ingo Kutsche)

Just like triathlon, Ötillö started off as a fun experiment, a challenge, but it turned into a popular sport; especially in the Scandinavian countries. In these swim-run events, athletes move across islands, using nearly any kind of material that they can make use of during the swim and run, as long as they carry it from start to finish; which gives funny images of athletes running with peddles, pull buoys, even double pull buoys and anything they can think of. Last weekend, during Ötillö Malta, it were actually two famous triathletes who claimed a second place as a couple: Yvonne van Vlerken and her husband Per van Vlerken. Let’s enjoy this spectacular race thanks to some beautiful photos.

Photos: Ingo Kutsche.