Paula Findlay: ‘Sandwiched between the Olympic Gold medalist and the World Champion’

Paula Findlay finished second at the World Championship Ironman 70.3 (Picture: Ingo Kutsche)

It was a ‘surreal moment’ for Paula Findlay, who got ‘sandwiched’ between the Olympic Gold medalist (Flora Duffy, ed.) and the World Champion (Lucy Charles, ed), last weekend during the World Championship Ironman 70.3. “One more photo from the race and one of my favorites.”

“A surreal moment to look back on and I’m very surprised that I was able to keep it together. Also our kit color palate was 100 procent dialed, am I right?” 

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Of course Findlay also looked back on the race more seriously. “Second at the World Championships. Very proud and so thankful for the team who ride the highs and lows with me and made this result possible. I am so incredibly happy.”