Rachel Klamer: “Breaking my elbow somehow saved me from properly breaking down”

Rachel Klamer: "Breaking my elbow somehow saved me from properly breaking down". (Photo: World Triathlon)

It’s been a few weeks since Dutch short-distance triathlete Rachel Klamer broke her elbow during the Super League Triathlon Championship Series race in Toulouse, France. While things are improving, she reflects on a year full of injuries. “I struggle to explain how days are feeling different now. Like, I’m more aware of certain events happening on ‘x weeks and days after crashin'”, she comments.

“I’m starting to realize that breaking my elbow somehow saved me from properly breaking down. I mean… I’m back swimming four times a week (about three km), but I don’t see myself running any time soon. I pushed my injury too far, and I’m paying for it now”, Klamer refers to the running injury that she sustained earlier this year. “Going for my longest period of not running since I started running/triathlon. I absolutely miss it, but I’m getting used to it. Recently started riding, last week’s total of five times one hour on the Tacx.”

“My elbow mobility isn’t 100 percent back, but it’s good enough (got a bit of hyper mobility, so maybe it’s how it should be). Hamstring still needs some work. As you can read, I’m still a happy person most of the time, as long as I realize that it’s all for the best at the end. The nicest thing is that I have time for things I usually don’t make a priority”, she adds.

For now, Klamer will take it easy, but she’s still burning to race. “Eager to make a comeback next year, but not rushing things now.”