Belgium as new host for Xterra European Championship

Xterra European Championship Belgium (Picture: Facebook Xterra Belgium)

It is the first time in history; the Xterra European Championship will move to Belgium. The race is scheduled for June 10, 2023. 

It will be the fourteenth time that the Xterra European Championship will be held; last year the event took place in Czech Republic and earlier hosting countries included Germany, Denmark, England, Italy and Austria. Xterra has often expressed its ambition to want to rotate major championships between different venues as much as possible. This year, for the first time in its history, the Xterra World Championship was moved from Hawaii to Italy. Next year this Xterra World Championship will take place in Italy as well.

The Xterra European Championship in Belgium will involve 1.5 kilometers of swimming, 37 kilometers of mountain biking and 10 kilometers of trail running. Over the top ten elites (men and women combined), 25,000 euros in prize money will be divided. One day after the European Championship – on June 11, 2023 – the Xterra Short Track competition will take place, where 5,000 euros in prize money will be distributed among pro athletes competing.