Captured in images: Patagonman Extreme Triathlon

Patagonman (Endurance)

Last week the Aysen Fjord saw a ferry get the Patagonman Xtreme Triathlon under way in Patagonia, Chile. Athletes jumped in 12°C water and swam straight to Puerto Chacabuco before the sunrise. On the bike, athletes headed to Villa Cerro Castillo. For the first half of the course, a strong and cold rain added to the challenge. For the second half, the sun got out, accompanied by a strong headwind and cross wind gusts.

In the men’s race, Ben Hoffman took the champion’s ‘boina’ (local Patagonian beret). In the women’s race Caroline Livesey was the first to ring the bell in Puerto Ibáñez and take her own ‘boina’ as 2022 champion. Enjoy some pictures of the race here: