Daniela Ryf on vacation in Kenya: ‘I am fascinated by the positive attitude of the kids’

Instagram Daniela Ryf

Sometimes there is a moment of reflection. Daniela Ryf had several such moments while on holidays with family in Kenya. “Holidays in Kenya were amazing. Exploring the country and culture with my family ment the world to me. I am feeling recharged and filled with love. We enjoyed every minute and it felt like we were blending with the locals like I have never experienced before. Mostly thanks to my stepmom Sophie who grew up in Nairobi and has friends all over the country. Being able to see the real side of life by visiting the slums, cooking for them and talking about the challenges of the kids made it a meaningful and learning experience”

“I am fascinated by the positive attitude of the kids and how much of a difference you can do by giving them love, food and education. Some of the kids from the slums really just wanted to be hold and experience a hug. Visiting the two projects and discussing their further needs were very touching moments. I am currently working out a plan how we can contribute together to keep helping them in a sustainable longterm way.”

“I am excited to share with you the second project soon, where we visited a school in the slums of Nairobi on their last day of primary school. I hope I manage to summarize the emotions of this day as inspiring as how we experienced it. It was one of the most emotional days in my life. Huge thanks to my family for helping me realize the project visits and being part of it.”