Insta poll: how many races did you participate in?

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In a year when the world went somewhat back to normal and COVID played at least a smaller role in daily life, we wondered if you raced more, as much or less last season than in previous years. First, we asked you how many races you did and these are the results:

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Most of you – 41 percent – did 1 to 3 races in 2022. Yet almost as many athletes did 4-6 races; 39 percent of the respondents. Only 15 percent participate in six or more races and only 6 percent did no race at all this year.

But, how does this compare to previous years?

Forty percent of you raced more this year than in the years before COVID. For thirty percent, it was less, and for thirty percent as well, the number of races was the same in comparison to the pre-COVID period.