Next week last slots for Challenge Roth: ‘And I promise you we won’t change the venue’

Challenge Roth (Foto: Challenge Roth)

It is a moment traditionally awaited by many athletes: after Challenge Roth was fully registered within minutes, the organization always opens a second registration window in December for a few hundred extra slots. This coming Tuesday, Dec. 6, 300 more slots will be available through registration.

As always, a significant portion of the proceeds from those slots will go to charity: 50 euros per entry. This year this money will go to a children’s hospital in Ukraine, where people are facing a very hard time due to the war with Russia.

Registration for Challenge Roth opens Tuesday, Dec. 6, 12:00 CET. Funny detail: Felix Walchshöfer, Race Director of Challenge Roth, jokes at the announcement of Roth’s registration in response to news released this week that the Ironman World Championship is partially disappearing from Kona and that the men will race in Nice, France. See the image for Walchshöfer’s comment on that.