Australian woman breaks record most consecutive marathons: 150

Erchana Murray-Bartlett (Picture: Instagram)

150 marathons in 150 days: Australian Erchana Murray-Bartlett has recently held this record because she thus ran 150 times 42.2 kilometers – over 6300 kilometers – in as many days. Along the way, she had to deal with blisters, burns and cramping, among other things, but still she kept going. “It’s overwhelming. I’m so excited. Having everyone running with me made it even more special,” the athlete spoke to media afterward. “It took me five and a half months of my life to do this, so to finish feels strange.”

Murray-Bartlett started her first marathon in Australia’s Cape York and then ran to Melbourne, more than six thousand kilometers south. Interesting detail: earlier, Murray-Bartlett qualified for the Tokyo Olympic marathon.

During this record run, she collected over 60,000 dollars for charity: the preservation of nature. In order to do so, she had to suffer, as she had to deal with various injuries, weather conditions and even encountered a crocodile.