It’s time for Tour de Zwift 2023: these are all the stages

Tour de Zwift 2023

We are a week into the new year and that means only one thing: we can start getting ready for the annual Tour de Zwift, which traditionally runs from January through February. Starting today – Jan. 9 – the first stage can already be ridden.

Participants have four days to complete the first ride. This afternoon is the first opportunity starting at 5 p.m. CET. and after that the Tour de Zwift stages will be ridden almost every hour. You only have to participate once per stage to eventually, a month from now, complete the Tour de Zwift. A total of eight stages await participants. For each ride, participants can choose the long, medium or short distance. The longer distances always have more altimeters than the shorter distances. In order to complete the Tour de Zwift, it makes no difference whether you choose the longer or shorter distances; you can alternate therein as you wish.

The third stage seems – at least judging by the number of altimeters – to be the toughest stage if you choose the longest distance. Stage three will take you through 22.8 kilometers, with 1181 altitude Also notable: stage 8 will be held in Scotland. That means that new locations will be added to Zwift in the near future because until now, it is not possible to go there.

All stages:

Stage 1: Yorkshire – January 9-12

Stage 2: Richmond – January 13-15

Stage 3: France / Paris – January 16-19

Stage 4: London – January 20-22

Stage 5: New York – January 23-26

Stage 6: Watopia – January 27-29

Stage 7: Makuri – January 30 – February 2

Stage 8: Schotland – February 6-12

All stage details here.