Javier Gomez Noya: ‘I could not be a prouder dad’

little girl Miss Olivia Gómez Jenkins (Picture: Instagram Javier Gomez)

As Javier Gomez Noya looks back on 2022, he concludes that the year had more lows than highs. One thing is certain; the birth of his baby daughter, just a few weeks ago, made up for all the lows.

“Have to say, I’m happy to leave 2022 behind. It was a year with many more lows than highs. A big thanks for those who have continued to support me.”

“However, there was one highlight a few weeks ago that exceeds all highs and has to be my greatest achievement to date. The arrival of our little girl Miss Olivia Gómez Jenkins: I could not be a prouder dad and husband, my girls are amazing!”

“Here for a better 2023. Cheers.”