Svenja Thoes fights DSQ and gets Ironman Cork victory in return

Svenja Thoes got her Ironman Cork victory back. (picture: sent by Thoes)

Months ago – on Aug. 14, 2022 – Svenja Thoes won Ironman Cork. Her joy was short-lived, however, because afterwards she was disqualified for ‘outside assistance’. Thoes challenged that decision and has now been vindicated: she thus has her victory back.

“Super happy and overwhelmed for this huge fight at this day,” Thoes let Triathlon Today editors know. Thoes has been reinstated as winner of the race effective immediately. “This is the best news to start the year with.”

The DSQ was investigated by the “Triathlon Ireland Arbitration Tribunal Panel” and they thus concluded that Thoes received no outside help during the race. So with that, the DSQ was unjustified.