Xterra: first 15 races of season 2023

Diede Diederiks on the bike. Photo: Xterra

2023 promises to be another busy year of triathlon races. The calendar is mostly complete, and today we look ahead to the first 15 races of the year with the major organizers. Let’s have a look at the first races of Xterra:

Jan 8: Xterra White Tanks Trail Run

Jan 21-22: Xterra South-Africa

Feb 5: Xterra McDowell Mountain Trail Run

Feb 25: Xterra Iceman

Feb 25: Xterra Wellington Festival

Mar 11: Xterra Rotorua Festival

Mar 12: Xterra Black Canyon Trail Run

Mar 16-18: Xterra Oman

Mar 26: Xterra West Wind Trail Run

Apr 1-2: Xterra Malta

Apr 1: Xterra Argentina

Apr 1-2: Xterra Australia

Apr 15-16: Xterra Asia-Pacific Championship

Apr 15-16: Xterra Routes des Balcons d’Azur

Apr 15-16: Xterra Puerto Rico

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