Maastricht Multisport Rockstars: the ideal ‘race’ to kick off your season

Multisport Rockstars

You can swim, you can bike, you can run and you can also combine the disciplines as you see fit. And you can also decide what distance you swim, bike and/or run. Multisport Rockstars, which will be held from May 12 to 14 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, thus seems like a perfect kick-off to your triathlon season. 

Apart from the fact that you can thus choose certain race parts and distances yourself, there are also “packages” put together by the organization where you cover certain distances which are decided in advance. Extra fun: you can also choose to race on different surfaces. For example, you can bike and run on asphalt, but you can also participate on a gravel or mountain bike and thus go off-road, and while running, a trail is one of the options as well. From distances such as 750 meter to 3.8km swimming on Friday, 35km – 180km biking on Saturday and 5km – 50km running on Sunday, the possibilities at Multisport Rockstars are almost endless

Whatever distances you go for; the beauty of Multisport Rockstars is that you spread the tri disciplines over several days anyway, so the load is a lot lower than in a regular triathlon. This way, you can enjoy all the best that triathlon has to offer, but still have a lower entry threshold. Multisport Rockstars can serve as a perfect moment to give yourself a last serious (training) boost towards the season that will start in the spring. 

During the disciplines, times and rankings will be tracked via a chip system, there will be live music, there will be coffee before the start and beer after, as well as healthy snacks and drinks, there will be an event area and, of course, technical and medical support. At the refreshment stations along the way, you serve yourself as an athlete and the courses during biking and running will be marked via gpx file. Bring your friends and family to enjoy the festivities on the Multisport Rockstars terrain and meet likeminded athletes. Whether you’re an entry level athlete, tri enthusiast, or seasoned athlete – there is a place for you at Rockstars. Swim, bike, run like never before.