Ironman CEO Messick struggles with tough questions and leaves podcast

Andrew Messick joins the How They Train podcast....for a little while.

It’s a visit as interesting as it is embarrassing: Ironman CEO Andrew Messick recently chimed in digitally on the “How They Train” podcast. There he was asked some difficult questions, mainly about the World Championship being partially relocated to Nice and about Ironman making more and more money but handing off too little of it to pro athletes, until he decided to hang up and thus end the interview early.

“I don’t really know what to do now,” the podcast host responded, when Messick suddenly disconnected. “I’ve never experienced this before.” Earlier, a heated discussion unfolded between the two, lasting about an hour before Messick suddenly indicated that he had only scheduled 45 minutes for the interview – something the host was unaware of – and immediately ended the conversation as well.

This week’s episode of the How They Train podcast can only be listened to via Patreon – which requires a paid subscription. Next week, How They Train will also publish the podcast on public channels.

It was remarkable that Messick did not seem at all open to criticism. In the interview, he particularly often reacts vehemently, unreasonably and also does not hesitate to put all kinds of statements in the interviewer’s mouth that were not uttered. “But I’ll tell you what I think, rather than what you assume I think,” the host responded at one point. “I think Ironman is not listening to what athletes want. Why do you think there is so much criticism of Ironman and everything you guys decide? People totally disagree with what you guys are doing right now. It’s everyone’s sentiment that you guys are all about the money.”

Messick then remains silent for a long time and does not elaborate. “My job is not a popularity contest. I’m just doing what’s best for Ironman in the long run.”