James Mitchell sees no solution in reduction media motorbikes Challenge Roth

James Mitchell (Picture: Facebook James Mitchell)

It was to be expected that a lot of journalists and photographers would not be happy with the news that Challenge Roth presented yesterday: starting as early as next edition, no external media motorbikes will be allowed on the course, and in return there will be additional jury on the road. These measures are intended to create a fairer race – especially for professional athletes.

“But taking external media off the course, is not going to make things better. The biggest problem with the media motorbikes is the live streaming, in which you’re keeping as part of the race, but it’s the live streaming that are always the problem as they stay in the same position around the leaders, which is what started this whole debate off in the first place. At least photographers come and go throughout the race, and on such a big course, it makes it easier for photographers to get around the course on motorbikes to other static positions. Athletes also have to remember that the external media is part of how they make a living with their sponsors. This is a unique sport, which isn’t played in a fixed area, unlike football or tennis, but the very nature of it the media has to follow the race.”