Largest Strava art on record set by French velociraptor

Largest art on strava

Between October 30th and November 5th last year, four French friends took on the challenge of designing a velociraptor on Strava extending no less than 1,025 km by bike.

The activity can be found on Strava – and this week it was officially recognised by Strava as setting the record for the largest GPS drawing made on bicycles.

It took six days for Maxime Brugère, Florent Arnaud, Franck Delorme and Nicolas Meunier to bring their project to life. These four cycling friends, originally from Montluçon in France, first made the GPS track of this velociraptor before setting off on their bikes to complete the challenge over exactly 1,024.72 km, between Cher and Allier. After 43 hours, 47 minutes and 26 seconds, the world record was set.

On his Strava activity, Maxime Brugère, project instigator, said “Dinosaurs are proof that such strong species can quickly become extinct and that is what we are currently going through with the sixth mass extinction. We are the main culprits of this environmental crisis, but also its main victims. As such, the future is in our hands and cycling is one of the best ways to contribute to change.”

The group has made two previous dinosaur drawings across France: a 200km tyrannosaurus in the Loire region in 2020, and a 200km diplodocus on the Saône-et-Loire side in 2021.