The most brutal ultrarun – Barkley Marathon – has started!

The Barkley Marathon 2023 has started. (Picture: Twitter Geert van Nispen)

It is considered the most brutal ultrarun in the world, and that is not surprising; in the past 35 years there have only been 15 finishers and furthermore all participants in the Barkley Marathon dropped out early. Participants cover 160 kilometers over five loops, through inhospitable terrain and with a basically countless amount of altimeters. Today the 2023-edition has started.

Not only the distance and the inhospitable area make the Barkley Marathon a real torture for participants, but also the fact that you have to start the next loop (32km) every twelve hours. If you don’t make that cut-off, you will be eliminated from the race. The world-famous marathon, for which participants pay only the amount of one dollar, takes place annually at Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee, America.

The best way to follow updates about the race is through the hashtag #bm100 on Twitter. Participants will be busy for the next few days. The last time someone crossed the Barkley Marathon finish line was seven years ago.