Protest shoes Gustav Iden came from Norwegians themselves, but dismissed

Gustav Iden at WTCS Abu Dhabi (Picture World Triathlon)

It is a rather remarkable situation; the protest lodged two weeks ago after the WTCS in Abu Dhabi about Gustav Iden’s shoes – the soles would possibly be too high – came from the Norwegians themselves. Since then, World Athletics, at the request of World Triathlon, has looked at the shoes and confirmed that there is nothing wrong with them, so the protest has been dismissed.

This doesn’t change much for the results; Iden finished 52nd in Abu Dhabi and thus played no significant role in the race. World Athletics has announced that Iden’s shoes are on the approved shoes list.

It seems that the Norwegians themselves filed a protest to find out whether or not they are in compliance with the rules with Iden’s shoes. A race in which you finish 52nd is thus logically a good option, since any DSQ would not affect, say, Olympic qualification points.