World Triathlon investigates Gustav Iden’s shoes after WTCS Abu Dhabi

Gustav Iden at WTCS Abu Dhabi (Picture World Triathlon)

Gustav Iden finished 52nd in yesterday’s WTCS Abu Dhabi, but it is still unclear whether he will maintain that ranking. An investigation into his shoes has been launched and a disqualification may await him.

Earlier, Iden caused a stir when he became world champion on Kona: he did so wearing new shoes from On, with remarkably high soles. Rules were later instituted restricting the maximum height of shoe soles, and that maximum height may now have been exceeded in Abu Dhabi. World Triathlon has now sent Iden’s shoes to World Athletics, which makes the regulations, for verification. The results of the investigation will take about two to three weeks.

Iden’s shoes at Kona (picture: