Virtual Triathlon Training Camp Challenge Family and Rouvy in full swing

Are you looking for a nice workout boost in this winter months? Challenge Family and Rouvy have been offering a virtual training camp since March 1, which continues through March 19.

“Rouvy is proud to announce its upcoming virtual Triathlon Training Camp. Designed for triathletes of all levels, this indoor cycling training programme provides an opportunity to prepare for the outdoor season by getting fit, connecting with other athletes, and picking up advice from professional triathlete Frederic Funk.”

“The campaign runs from 1-19 March. There will be workouts, challenges, prizes to be won, a group ride led by Frederic Funk through the scenery of Challenge Wales and ends in a climactic race on the Challenge Geraardsbergen route in Belgium on 19 March. Registration is free of charge and Rouvy provides an extended one month free trial for Challenge Family athletes using this link.”

“German triathlete Frederic Funk is the official face of the campaign. “When I’m training and the weather is bad or it’s dark outside, I always use my indoor trainer and the Rouvy app. Triathlon Training Camp is a great way to get in shape for the upcoming season. The timing is perfect and I’m very excited to be part of it.””

“Rouvy is partnering with Challenge Family for the training camp and Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam, said he is looking forward to it. “Challenge Family is delighted to be working with Rouvy on the Triathlon Training Camp as part of our ongoing collaboration. It’s a great way to support athletes in preparation for the upcoming season and will also be a lot of fun, riding some iconic courses with friends and pros alike. Plus it fits perfectly with Challenge Family’s commitment to ‘all about the athlete’.”

Join the Triathlon Training Camp at