Zwift fires some 80 employees, fifteen percent of total workforce

Foto: Zwift

The appointment of CO-CEO Kurt Beidler will not go down well with many Zwift employees, as it immediately results in as many as 15 percent of employees – some eighty men – being laid off. Hired in 2022 to support CEO Eric Min, Beidler comes from Amazon and is now responsible for “day-to-day operations” at Zwift.

Zwift’s marketing department in particular is taking the biggest hit: that’s where most employees are being laid off. Zwift announces that it needs to invest primarily in the fundamentals of the training program, rather than in marketing efforts.

The way the round of layoffs has been communicated is striking, to say the least. Employees who escaped and thus were allowed to stay on were told nothing. Employees who had to leave Zwift received an e-mail followed immediately by an invitation to a virtual meeting. There they were told that there is no more room for them.