Ben Hoffman demands ‘full story and no bullshit omerta’

Archive picture Ben Hoffman (Picture: Insta Hoffman)

Ben Hoffman wants the truth and nothing but the truth from Collin Chartier. He wrote that in a not-to-be-missed message on socials after it was revealed that Chartier had tested positive for the use of EPO.

“Please understand that when you read the following, I am still operating from a place of anger, frustration, disappointment, and confusion. I could certainly wait longer to post something, and maybe I should, but I also think there is power in speaking with passion and being early in a conversation that will undoubtedly have multiple viewpoints. Perhaps I will even change my mind, and I am happy to engage in productive and meaningful dialogue with anyone who wants.”

“With that said, F@%K DOPERS. The news that Collin Chartier willingly and knowingly took EPO to improve his performance is an absolute disgrace, and a reminder that certain people are willing to violate the sanctity of sport for any of numerous reasons, ranging from financial, to ego, to external pressure or mental health. When I read Collin’s “apology,” I am not one of the people who are quick to accept and forgive. You are sorry? Sorry now that you got caught? If you are really sorry, and you want my forgiveness, earn it and prove it: give back stolen prize money and sponsorship dollars, contact fellow athletes with personal apologies, work to make a meaningful difference in anti-doping efforts, and for damn sure tell the whole truth. How did you do it, who helped, who else is involved, and give the full story of why. No bullshit omerta, no excuses, no more lies.”

“Maybe I’m insensitive, and maybe I don’t understand the whole picture or story. That’s probably true. But I don’t buy this rationale of “feeling pressure,” or “being unhappy” as an explanation. We all feel pressure, we all have times when we are struggling and feeling depressed. Surely it is more intense for many, and my heart goes out to them, but using this explanation actually devalues and minimizes the struggles of these people. Cheating, acting criminally, and then walking away with a simple sorry doesn’t cut it for me. I can forgive, and I can accept the mistakes of humankind because I have made plenty myself, but only with appropriate recourse. Let’s not stand idly by and brush this aside, because we will only doom ourselves to a vicious cycle of rinse and repeat. Please don’t just take the easy path again and walk away, or keep lying: embrace your opportunity to help create necessary and substantial change, Collin.”