Dazzling data Frederic Funk: ‘In the end, it’s speed that counts, not power’

Frederic Funk sets the fastest bike split at The Championship (Picture: Challenge Family)

Last weekend Frederic Funk finished third at The Championship and, as expected, the German became the fastest biker of the day. He completed the 87.6 kilometers on the bike in a time of 1:51:13 and that produced dazzling data.

First of all, his time equates to an average speed of 47.3 kilometers per hour. In total, Funk pedaled 312 watts on average, 320 watts Normalized Power. He did so at an average rotational speed of 81 per minute, and his heart rate averaged 162. In addition, Funk – who always gives full disclosure of his values after a race – jokes about the 29 altimeters on the course. “We actually had to cross a bridge two times.”

Remarkably, Funk is still not fully satisfied with his performance on the bike. “I know I can do even better than this but I was already struggling with my back 10 kilometer into the race, so that power was missing in the legs. Something I need to figure out and work on. I’m very happy with the power to speed ratio though, because in the end the speed counts and not the power.”