Menstruating Emma Pallant-Browne pictured during race and she’s totally fine with it – and explains why

Emma Pallant-Browne on her way to victory at Challenge Riccione. (Picture: José Luis Hourcade)

It is as simple as it is logical: women menstruate and so do – at least when the body is healthy – pro athletes. That period can also occur during races, of course, and a logical consequence of that in turn is that some blood may also be lost during the race. It happened to Emma Pallant-Browne recently and it was evident in the picture below.

One Twitter user then called out – and he did so with the best of intentions – for the picture to be cropped better so the blood wouldn’t show. To that, however, Pallant-Browne responded, also with the best of intentions but making it clear that it should just be possible to talk about this ‘issue’. “Thanks for caring but definitely something I’m not shy to talk about because it’s the reality of females in sport. My period comes over a month in between and there will be one day where it is super heavy. I pray it won’t be race day but every now and then it is. No matter what tampon I have experimented with, for anything over three hours it’s too heavy. So just as someone might get gut issues in a race I have to suck it up and give what I have and not be afraid to talk to women who have the same problem.”

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