Gustav Iden: ‘I do sometimes ask how long I can go on’

Gustav Iden (Picture: Super League Triathlon)

Gustav Iden and Kristian Blummenfelt are known not only for their achievements, but also for their tough trainings to get to those achievements. In an open and honest interview with Super League Triathlon – which you can fully read here – Iden admits to sometimes wondering how long he can actually go on with that.

“It’s worth it. Of course you have doubt sometimes. Like finishing almost last in Abu Dhabi and you’re putting in the work. You know, it’s not easy. And I do feel like I sacrifice something for this job, but on the other hand I really love what I’m doing, and no one is forcing me to do this.”

“It’s so different to work a job that you hate but you have to do it because you need the money. I have such a good support system around me, and I’m lucky for being from Norway. I can pull out of the sport at any minute, just go back to school and find a job and live like a normal life.”

“So it’s kind of refreshing to have an exit. I’m not trapped in this situation. I choose to be this way every single day, and I choose to just do the training because I know if I one day don’t want to do it anymore, it’s easy to do something else.”