Ironman is not only struggling to get rid of slots World Championship, also high discounts for regular races

While it was already apparent last week that Ironman is having trouble getting rid of its World Championship slots – rolldowns at various races run almost endlessly deep, allowing anyone who even wants a slot for Nice to get one – but now the internet forums are also flooding with comments from athletes indicating that Ironman is offering more and more discounts on regular races as well.

That’s unique; Ironman never actually offers discounts on races, but this year seems to be having a lot of trouble getting a lot of the races filled. As a result, so-called All World Athletes – athletes who are the best performers and most loyal within their Age Group – are now receiving mass emails from Ironman offering them sometimes steep discounts, which they can use to register for races that will be held primarily at the end of this year.

It is unclear whether Ironman will provide discount codes to athletes other than All World Athletes.