Lydia Dant dominates Ironman Lanzarote and wins unchallenged

Lydia Dant at Lanzarote (Picture: instagram Dant / tom.passionfit.ward)

As exciting as the men’s race was, the women’s race was dominated by just one athlete: Britain’s Lydia Dant led from start to finish and experienced a lonely but of course wonderful day at Ironman Lanzarote.

During the swim, Dant did have company, as then French Jeanne Collonge was able to hook up: together they came out of the water after 58:36 minutes. On the bike, however, Dant immediately took off and from then on she didn’t see anyone for over nine hours. Little actually happened behind Dant either; pretty soon it became clear that Belgium’s Liesbeth Verbiest would be second and Collonge third.

Dant won the race in 9:59:13, while Verbiest finished second in 10:06:10. Collonge completed the podium as third with a time of 10:20:53.