Sam Long fires coach because of ‘Oceanside flop’

Sam Long wins Ironman 70.3 St. George (Picture: Instagram Long)

After previously parting ways with coach Ryan Bolton and then joining coach Dan Plews, who also has Chelsea Sodaro under his belt, Sam Long has also left his brand new coach now. The American pro athlete fired his Plews after his disappointing performance at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside six weeks ago. Apparently it isn’t a bad choice, because now that he is his own coach, he won Ironman 70.3 St George.

“I am my own coach now. After Oceanside, I made the executive decision that I had to fire Dan Plews, as it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I think the training was great, it would’ve worked for a lot of people, but I am only a sample size of one person and if we look at a degree of excellence and the bell curve graph, most people fit inside the bell curve but professionals are on the outside. I am an outlier and I just need different things for me in my training. I learnt that I get off on these big hard training days, as physiologically and mentally it just gives me an edge.” 

Listen to Long’s full story and explanation here: