Sandra Mairhofer and Felix Forissier win World Championship Cross Triathlon

Felix Forissier as world champion Cross Triathlon (Picture: Instagram Forissier)

Italy’s Sandra Mairhofer and France’s Felix Forissier have won the World Championship Cross Triathlon. Striking detail: the differences between the top three athletes were extremely small in both the men’s and women’s races.

This is all the more striking because the World Championship Cross Triathlon took place over a tough course: athletes swam 1 kilometer, then had to mountainbike 19.6 kilometers and finally trail run 6 kilometers. In the women’s race, Mairhofer did so the fastest and after 1:49:00 she crowned herself world champion. Just 42 seconds later, Switzerland’s Loanne Duvoisin came in second and, less than a minute behind Duvoisin, France’s Alizee Paties claimed the third spot.

The differences were also small in the men’s race: even smaller than in the women’s. Forissier won the race in a time of 1:33:19, putting him 24 seconds ahead of runner-up Lukas Kocar from the Czech Republic. Frenchman Arthur Forissier, brother of winner Felix Forissier, finished third, crossing the line 44 seconds after the winner.